Sunday, May 13, 2018

A fragmentary reminder

Just a reminder that Fragments, my wife Jennifer S. Chesler's first solo book, though the third of four that she has ready, is now on sale at Amazon at this link. I edited this piece & restored it. It had been ruined by being shortened, "massacred" As Jennifer says, by a very sub-par agent, poorly educated & stupid, who was a spectacularly inadequate writer himself.  She abuses him in both our first & second  collaborative volumes. But I digress.

If, like me, you prefer Barnes & Noble, it's there too at this link.

It is also on Google books at this link. 

Fragments is a collection of pieces that explore such topics as dog sex in the Phoenix area,the stupidity of the average American, & the author's mental illness & poverty, both by circumstance & psychogenesis at the hostile hands of her family.