Saturday, May 5, 2018

A good hard fuck

A good hard fuck

She asked for food after midnight, so I prepared fire-roasted tomatoes & black-eyed peas with fresh garlic, brown rice & mushrooms & so on. At 5.30 i wake to find her asleep on my pillow grabbing my cock as she pushes me into the ashtray beside the bed. Our cat Gus was sitting on her stomach so she needed to piss, probably, but she didn’t insist on a visit to the toilet & rinsing off, she didn’t even really need lube so i slapped a little on the head of the dick & banged her really hard & fast while slapping her face & torturing the titties like she likes it. I didn’t even bother to pin her down, her legs were just flopping around. She was wet as a motherfucker & her clit was big like a California grape. It is refreshing & unusual to see her grinning like an idiot & squirming under me without caring whether she farted or not or how wet she made the bed.

I can’t remember molesting David at first because I was asleep, though he had the presence of mind to take photos. Well, there are two. I would write more but I’m really too needy & fucked up to write now. I feel manic & high as hell. I want him to fuck me again. He seems to need coffee & cigarettes first. I’m not really sure but I think I came. He certainly did.

I am free. I feel free with the pillow off my emotions. I feel manic but it’s the withdrawal, I’m just happy. I didn’t really know what happy feels like, I’m not used to a man who can make my pussy & clit feel like I just masturbated with my fingers, I used to think that orgasms were only from masturbating myself. I want to fuck all day but David wants to take pictures of turtles at Shadyside Park & eat the glorious wraps at Bobbers, literally the best cafĂ© in the world. He has been eyeing the paddle for later use, but I like it better when he lashes me with the strap.

I was in two real relationships before, both with women, & I can’t believe that these stupid bitches didn’t know enough to make me cum. David knows more about how my cunt feels than those alleged lesbians did. He denies this, he says that European dykes know the pussy & this masturbatory retardation is just an American thing. I think that this is because many of them are fat & ugly like Angie. David loves to read their poetry. It makes him feel so good about himself to read complete worthless cretinous garbage. It’s like seeing pictures of Michael’s cock.

It’s like Crocodile Dundee. “That’s not a cock, mate, this is a cock”. When men send dick pics, these are apparently all really small. So are the personalities. When David whipped out his first on webcam i thought he was messing around with a huge strap-on. My late cat Rex saw it first though, he was deeply moved. He used to send David hearts on Skype. When he first saw it in real life he ran at it as fast as he could. Rex was fooling himself – he would never have been able to handle it. I’m happy that i can though. Daddy says that I’m a good girl, I can take mommy’s place now, & I can always sleep in his bed.

When David first said this while we were fucking, i got really excited. I asked him why he wasn’t doing this to mommy. He was too big & he was hurting me. This would make him ejaculate immediately & yell “Dammit”. Now we don’t do so many scenarios while we fuck, but he makes a lot of noise, as do I. He used to do the responses for me in a high-pitched voice. What made him cum fastest was when I used a scumbag voice to pretend to be an old drunk woman pretending to be a child. He enjoys meta-level BDSM.

Nothing beats a hard fast morning fuck before you even piss. It gets the stomach working & improves the taste of your morning coffee.

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