Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hot Daddy Sex

Hot Daddy Sex

I bet I could make you hard, I say. David still has his shorts on, and his underwear. I slide my hand underneath both and run my fingernails down his thigh.  He starts giggling a little so I slap his thigh and he says, Oh no, Nan, not that, not the nails on my thigh again. That doesn't stop me, so I take my tongue and stick it in his ear. Oh no, not that too, he can't take any more. He pushes me suddenly over onto my back after he takes his shorts and underwear off. He says "Whaddya think nine inch nails means, bitch?" He takes some lubricant and sticks his cock straight up into my pussy. My legs are behind my head so his massive rod hits my cervical pretzel, as he calls it, pushing my womb into my stomach. There is pressure inside me, maybe it's his cock throbbing, it's so big. I don't know what to do. Then he takes his finger and starts aggressively rubbing my clitoris, I am a stranger to this sensation "Oh no, Daddy, that hurts, not that. Just fuck me, please." But he won't stop working my clitoris. I don't know what to do. I can feel it through my whole body. He slaps me across the face again, this time harder than the times before, I've never seen him this dominant. What's going on? I ask him.  Waves of pleasure run through my body as Gus, the cat, observes us approvingly from his observation deck. He runs in to watch as soon as David starts grunting and roaring before shooting his load deep inside me. David stares deep into my eyes and says, I love you so much, before screaming at me, thank Daddy properly, you filthy little whore. I limp out to the bathroom to rinse off with a wad of toilet paper stained with menstrual blood and cum between my legs. David rinses his cock at the sink and vigorously praises Isabel Fay lubricant. He says that the reader can buy this on Amazon. I personally give it five stars and have written a review so other girls with very large Daddies won't be so sore.

EDIT: Here is the actual lubricant.  It is awesome.

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