Monday, May 7, 2018

Jennifer's choice

This is another extract from our next book, The Natural History of the Cockwomble. This will be coming soon, since we are constantly troubled by perverse & disgusting thoughts that are foul enough to be in a book.

Jennifer’s choice

David fingered Jennifer through two whole episodes of Family Guy. Without Francine it took longer for her to come, though David totally prefers Lois, & would even do Meg, if he were single & a cartoon character.

He gave her an ultimatum, that if she fell asleep she could either get raped good & hard to wake her up, or he would suck the Jew nose a few seconds to see if he could dexterously extract a booger or two.

It makes me sick to have my nose in David’s mouth. I don’t realize it right away, but then I come to & feel my nose in his mouth & a sucking sensation. I’d rather do anything than have my nose sucked, maybe because the Woo-Woo boy, my alleged brother, has had a nose fetish since childhood, & I was always finding his snot on something like a keyboard, even at an adult age, & on one occasion even my bed.

Fortunately, though “anything” is very broad, David does not care for anything to do with the shitter. The whole nose thing is bullshit too. David has repeatedly sucked the nose, consensually, experiencing the taste of some glorious salty boogers, even adding them surreptitiously to the okra & black-eyed peas, giving him a frisson of delicious guilty pleasure as she rapturously guzzles at the bowls of food.

She eats well now, her health is much better during the titration down of the Saphris, & we walk for hours every day. This is entirely through the healing power of the booger balls. Orgasms still make her sleep – Daddy’s little fingers are tired & some punishment is called for. David likes to pull her down by the legs, spread them & pin her down & hammer it in. She claimed tonight that the sex, a hard but relatively brief fuck, only our second today, was her favorite ever. She has a very nice nose, very nutritious non-GMO boogers too, farts relatively seldom, no more than three or four a minute, so David consoles himself with the sleep sex. She really does light up like a little sun when presented with the rape soda afterwards.

I must say that the rape soda is a highlight of sex. i am always grateful for a cold beverage after a good pounding. Sometimes I get hungry too & eat David’s dinner, not even thinking about his booger fetish. Yes, I know about it. It’s no secret any longer. Please consider this story as a warning about snot in unlikely places.