Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Michael, bullshit artist

A last taking out of the trash:

Michael, bullshit artist

Most embarrassing of the ludicrous exes Jennifer acquired because of low self-esteem consequent on mental illness & a shitty psychiatrist & therapist, is a guy who apparently used a pseudonym & lied extravagantly, most entertainingly about his huge cock. Allegedly the “third largest in porn according to Ron Jeremy” – David literally fell about laughing upon seeing this erect shrimp as jpeg. To give him the benefit of the doubt five inches, to be more realistic four. Jennifer notes that although he was allegedly wealthy, he would need money for gas when he visited.

He claimed to be a good lay but when David arrived, after a whiny phone call from Michael where I told him i was marrying a dominant with a good brain & education, I was taken aback. After two days David bought a new mattress, he fucks so hard that i slammed right into the floor, little Michael couldn’t do anything like that. He couldn’t fuck very often either,

He knew nothing of BDSM, apart from the mini-dick, but I don’t even want to mention the extravagant series of lies. It is frankly embarrassing. No wonder that he was bullied in school. It is not conducive, as David insists on writing, since David spent hours laughing at the retarded use of English in Michael’s asinine texts. He seemed unaware that of how words are used in sentences, he couldn’t grasp simple algebra.

He couldn’t get laid either, the reason for his calling me. I never believed that David has to basically fight them off, but have witnessed it at first hand. He makes me talk in stores if the staff are female, even today i saw a woman at a store get all flustered.

When I first saw Daddy’s dick, I said, oh my god, what is that. We were on video because he was in Sweden and I was stuck in Indiana. I thought his perfect ivory cock was a ploy on his part to make him look perfect, believing he had positioned a perfect dildo before his webcam so it looked like it was his.

David read an alleged screenplay by this asshole, that I had never bothered to read. Bitch, please, was David’s only response.

The same question raises its ugly head. Do men like Michael the fabulist & the asshole Tom really not know? Do they know that the garbage between their legs does not measure up? David does not bang the bladder; he forces the womb straight up into the stomach.

This story, we promise, will be the last about these godforsaken rejects. We shall keep the hatred about psychiatry fresh though, at least until Dr. Bungles joins the garbage of history soon enough. Daddy says that trashing scumbags is the best way to put the trauma in the trashcan. 

The problem again was low self-esteem. I really had reached such a degraded state through isolation & loneliness with nobody to talk to that I didn't see what garbage these people were. David has got me to exercise & eat well, I am quitting the dreadful medication Saphris, I feel human again, these pieces of shit can be flushed away.