Thursday, May 10, 2018

Recent work & books available

Here is a summary of recent work available from Jennifer S. Chesler & myself from Nickel Hole Press

Jennifer decided to do her first anthology, Fragments, via our press, & it is on sale here from NHP, & at this Amazon link. This book is the first of four books by her that are ready to publish.

We have a second volume of The Philosophy of Extremism out, called The Natural History of the Cockwomble. Click this link to purchase. This book is outrageous, of course, but also reveals a lot about mental illness, sexism, degradation, & abuse, the workings of the patriarchy in the USA.

There is a spotlight here at this link where my & Jennifer's books are available. I have other books & chapbooks available, but don't buy them.

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  1. Thank you. I love you, David. Buy David's books too. We are the best.


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