Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spotlight on Nickel Hole Press

Here is a spotlight we just created for Nickel Hole Press at Lulu, the POD site we use. Books by Jennifer S. Chesler & David C. McLean are available there, as well as at Amazon etc. Some are solo, & some collaborative.

The collaborative books deal with various taboo subjects, poverty, mental illness, prostitution, child abuse, & so forth. This makes them both a little sad & hugely comical. The books also direct criticism at the patriarchal nature of modern society & the policing of thought by the fascist psychiatric establishment, the psychologizing of the subject created to tame the unruly bodies of desire, as one sees in the writings of Foucault, Lyotard, & Deleuze, with or without Guattari. 

Among the solo works is Jennifer S. Chesler's novel Fragments. Below the more recent books there are solo books by David McLean that are published by Black Editions & Oneiros Books & that may still be worth reading.  

Buy these books at your own peril. Maybe the smack babies are laughing, maybe they're crying. What difference does it make? They are an assemblage, they do what they do.

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