Saturday, June 9, 2018

"Daddy Wins a Contest"

Daddy wins a contest, and a limousine comes to get us from our house to take us to the father/daughter ball. He says he wrote an essay about what a good little girl I am. I can read real books, so I find what he wrote in his big trouser pocket. It is all about how he peed in my mouth after he stuck me with his hard stick.

I say, “Daddy, what kind of contest did you enter this in?”

I don’t understand how letting him do what comes naturally to us would win us a ride in a fancy car, much less get an invite to a ball.

He says, “Oh, little Jennifer, it’s a special ball for piss fuckers.”

“Oh,” I say. “Is piss fucking what we did last night, Daddy?”

“No,” he says, “take off your panties and sit on my lap.”

I say, “Okay, Daddy.”

He lifts me up and puts me on his stiff willy. It hurts.

“Daddy, please, no,” I say.

He slaps my bottom and spits on me, moving his hips up and down so he goes deeper and deeper into my tiny cunt hole. Then I feel him squirt a lot of stuff up into me and hear him groan. He lifts me up. His pee runs out of my special spot. I feel all tingly.

He says, “The ball is for that sort of sex.”

By this time the little whore has me monstrously hard, pretending the sofa where I am pinning her down is a limousine, and my shit-stained jockeys are a suit. I slap her face with my right hand and twist the right nipple a quadruple twist with my left. I can see the yeasty juice run out of her cunt. I want to taste it but she starts running, although the lurch betrays her.  Grabbing her ponytail I drag her to the sofa, bend her over it whimpering, and drive my swollen powerful cock straight up into her ass without lube. She twitches as I rub away the brown stain round her asshole, it makes me harder instead of turning me off.

“You’re so dirty, slut,” Daddy says.

By this time one writer is hard and forces Chesler’s lips down over the swollen head of his cock. Chesler is ashamed to admit to herself how excited and wet she is as the stiff rod runs down her gagging throat. She’s not the big girl she thinks she is.

She barely has time to start with the “Oh, Daddy, you’re such etc,” in order to make me come faster, before I stick my dick up her ass for real and piss the rest of the suppository out of her.  (The suppository sex is very much for real.)