Saturday, June 2, 2018

Suppository Sex

Suppository Sex

Jennifer had problems shitting, a "poopy problem" as she calls it, and as I fetched the suppository to give her I was excited to learn that she had never had suppository sex. This is when the woman in a submissive role is administered a suppository before an enormously hard fuck.

Neither of us likes the brown, and do not get off on films such as Poop Tornado. This makes it all the more delicious. She is pounded like a submissive little animal while her stomach churns like a manufactory of brown butter. The fear of soiling the sheets petrifies her, she feels the tremendous force of my powerful thrusts and the excitement she feels constantly threatens to loosen the tight clench of the anus. She forgets to assume the twisted hand posture of the palsied and even to flap her legs around helplessly. This slows my orgasm, naturally, and it is difficult to finish. I'm laughing too hard, almost drowned out by the squeals of "Please, Daddy, no".

If there was any shit, which there wasn't, the ocean of jizz that I drenched her with would have washed it away. She weeps as she runs to the bathroom, you're cruel and naughty, Daddy. Defiant little whore, I'm so proud of her. I fetch the paddle. She calls the paddle cruel too. She thinks she's such a big girl, she's so proud to sleep in Daddy's bed. When I first told her that she could take Mommy's place, I could feel her gushing juices run down over my sac.

I ask Daddy "Where's mommy, I want my mommy, I'm scared of the white stuff in my special place, it makes the special place all tingly", but he tells me that mommy's dead now and I'm such a big girl i can do her job and take it like a grownup. I know that always makes the goddamn big cock bastard come fast.

She says that I burst a blood vessel in my right eye while fucking because I had to shit and was holding in a monstrous dump, but I maintain that it was the sheer power of the fucking. She was freaked to learn that I always hold back, and that it is natural to shit after sex each time, since the stomach moves hard and fast and churns mercilessly.

I hope Daddy isn't holding too much back, I really am such a little girl and he's such a big man.

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