Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Incredible Hulk

Not one but two collaborative pieces, by me & Jennifer S. Chesler. These are new & from The Philosophy of Extremism III. For now we have The Philosophy of Extremism & The Natural History of the Cockwomble: The Philosophy of Extremism II on sale at the links.

The Incredible Hulk 

I am a relative of the Incredible Hulk. No, I am not green, but my clothes rip when I flex my mighty muscles over David in bed. I bend my arms at the elbows and touch my fists together, Grrr, I say. I can see the fear in David's eyes, sometimes he even cowers. My rippling muscles glisten like they are oiled. My sebum production is unparalleled. Studies have been done on my skin's oil production because of how I shine.

Being a relative of the Hulk has its benefits. If I am angry when I get out of the shower, there is no need for moisturizer. David wants to write something, but I am not letting him, because I am a relative of the Hulk, and my skin is glistening as my muscles ripple through my clothes and tear them at the seams. Grrr, I say, David can't help it; he's scared. I see the look of panic come across his canine features. I want to rip him to shreds, but my human part stops me. I become like Bill Bixby; maybe I should give him a hug.

Fear and Loathing in Anderson, IN 

Today Jennifer decided to play dominant, since I took a leaf out of Masoch's book and sort of told her to be cruel to me. She pinned me down, with her massive BMI of a whole 20, and spit me right in the face, also over my hands, chest and head. She produces prodigious amounts of drool. She twisted my nipples, enough to cause some considerable discomfort, and slapped my face, cheeks and jaw, as hard as she could. She then decided to kiss me, and, as she did so, projected a copious wad of drool/snot into my throat. Oddly enough, the whole procedure produced a tremendous engorging of the beast, which led to her grinning salaciously and flipping over onto her back to apply the tremendous and most economical Isabel Fay Natural Water Based Lubricant. "I pity the fool", she said, "that uses Astroglide." She is evidently unaware that the Hulk and Mr. T are not the same large person.

The fear on his face, cringing as I raised my hand to slap his cheek, was palpable. I knew he would rebel against me and use his paltry strength against my Hulk bulk. The turning of his head to avoid the slap made it impossible to get an accurate hit, so I gathered enough saliva in my mouth to shoot down his throat when i pretended i was going to kiss him. "Ha ha ha," I laughed; I could tell he liked it. I used the massive strength in my quadriceps to pin him down while i held his face in place to exert more Hulk strength as I got a good slap in, only barely getting his jaw. "Grrr," I said. Boy, was he scared. Some of my natural body oil dripped onto his nipples. I took my fingertips and squeezed as hard as I could, it looked like milk came out but I may have been imagining this, because i was thinking about my mother.

Jennifer is a good girl, very imaginative, and maintained the Hulk fantasy even though I put one hand between her legs, lifted her straight up by her pussy, and flipped her over on her back, squirming like a beetle transfixed by a pin as I drove my stiff rod deep into her. It hurts right out into her ovaries, she claims. She resolutely refuses to follow any normal scripts, and cursed and groaned as she was savagely nailed to the mattress. I tried to explain to her that fucking her was totally unlike any pleasure I had ever felt, but this digression seemed to enrage the cat, who is a stickler for correct procedure. He left the bed that he had pulled up to a good vantage point to view the show, and disconsolately batted a toy around. I finished by a minute or so of bellowing and cruel and unusual banging, and she moaned most gratifyingly. She is the best daughter that a man could wish for.