Friday, June 8, 2018

When Daddy Fucks Me Good

Little Jennifer lies in bed feeling all damp listening to Daddy bang around cursing in the bathroom. She turns on her side as he comes in, pulling her knees up to accent the curve of her muscular ass and letting a tit slip out of her skimpy tank-top. He lurches towards her, spins her over on her back by grabbing a knee and tearing her legs apart, sticks his hand between her legs, and violently rubs her there.

"Oh, Dad, no, not my special place, my quim, my pie, my little nickel hole," she gasps. But she carefully positions her arms in between her knees as he pulls down her shorts and thrusts his powerful cock deep into her. She knows that he likes the whole palsied effect, and, indeed, he yells that a retarded little slut like her is a shame on the whole family.

Bent at the wrists, her hands shake, further displaying the palsy that so excites him that she feels the head of his thick cock slam into her cervix, pushing her womb up towards her stomach.

"Ow, ow, ow! It's so deep, it hurts, Daddy"

I'm so hard I feel like I'm going to explode right then and there. I feel the semen pulsing up through my cock.

"It's going to be a huge load, little Jennifer, get ready for Daddy. Are you thirsty?"

"No, Dad, no! You don't mean the yellow stuff, do you?"

"I can't take any more. You shouldn't have said that. Now you get a double dose."

"Ow, Daddy, you're going in too deep. I want my Mommy. She wouldn't do this to me, she just makes me put my hands there between her legs."

"But she doesn't have a rod, her little clitoris is half the size of yours and she's so smelly, like liver pate."

"Please, Daddy, finish, it hurts. Punch me so you finish faster. I've been naughty, I'm all wet, please punish me harder."

Goddamn little whore. That messes me up and I feel the hot cum spurting between her skinny thighs and filling her tight little cunt, which is dripping as much pussy juice as jizz, as my load pours back out of her. I grin down on her as she lies pressed together, her knees on each side of her head, and start pissing over her face. She looks disgusted and horrified, it gurgles out from between her lips down her face.  She mumbles something I can't understand through all the piss in her mouth. It is only now that I notice that she is being racked by an enormous orgasm, squirting over me as much as I have over her.

"Oh, Daddy", she says. "Can we wait to change the sheets till tomorrow? A good fuck always makes me so sleepy."