Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Bam-Bam

By myself & Jennifer S. Chesler.

The Bam-Bam. 

Daddy, I have a poopy problem.

Oh, honey. What happened?

Jen-Jen made bam-bam in the bed.

Oh, sweetie. Come, let Daddy hold you and make sure that your body is alright.

Daddy, I’m scared. Why did I poopy in bed?

It’s natural for a girl your age, sweetheart. Come let Daddy help. I'll clean your little bottom, spank your bottom dry, and rub your special place.

Oh, Daddy, I’ve never made poopy in bed before. Why did this happen?

Well, when a young girl gets excited by her Daddy, she will often poopy where she sits. It’s called pooping in place. It's like Aunt Tammy when she shits where she sits. You're a big girl who can take Daddy's big love, but Aunty Tammy is way too big. The show on TLC "My 600 Lb. Life" wouldn't buy her, they thought we were lying.

Oh, Daddy. You’re the best. I want to ride in the shiny Silverado!

Okay, but you’d better get in the bath first.

But then the poopy will still be on me, you know, if I sit in the tub.

Oh, honey, Daddy loves you anyway. We’ll go for a nice long ride in Daddy’s shiny red truck. Now get in the tub. I can make wee-wee over your bottom to get it really clean, and we can lick each other clean then, so we know that we love each other and you can always sleep in Daddy's bed. Maybe we can drive to Walmart for a new mattress cover? You can have mashed potatoes.

Oh! Can I have a pizza square too?

If you do tricks and lick under the head of Daddy's willy. You know that you promised, little Jennifer, don't you?

I love you, Daddy. You’re the best Daddy in the world.

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